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Did You Know… Cats Don’t Dance

  • The first (and last) film for the short-lived Turner Feature Animation studio. In the midst of production, Ted Turner sold all his companies to Time Warner, and Turner Animation was absorbed into Warner Bros. Animation. 
  • In one scene Danny lands on a cement block from Grauman’s Chinese Theater that has Gene Kelly’s feet and hand prints (although he did not arrive in Hollywood until 1941, two years after this film takes place and did not place his feet and hands in cement until 1969). This movie was Kelly’s last film project. 
  • Darla Dimple is a spoof of child star Shirley Temple; her name was taken from another child star of the thirties, Darla Hood. 
  • According to animator Lauren Faust, Nancy Giles was originally cast as the speaking voice of Sawyer, and many scenes were animated to her performance. Jasmine Guy replaced Giles when the project was 90% complete. The original voice for the character was much deeper, resulting in a noticeable contrast between Sawyer’s final speaking voice (Jasmine Guy) and singing voice (Natalie Cole). 
  • The Mammoth Pictures logo, a parody of MGM’s logo, sports the Latin motto “Optimum Est Maximum” - “Bigger is Better”. 
  • The poster parodies at the end are all of movies either from Warner Bros. Studios, its subsidiary New Line Cinema, or owned by Turner Entertainment. The filmmakers originally conceived of parodies of other famous films such as The Sound of Music and Star Wars, but ultimately abandoned them because it would have required paying licensing fees to the owners. 

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